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LED Tube grow light- Intemal driver
LED Tube grow light- Intemal driver
LED Tube grow light- Intemal driver
LED Tube grow light- Intemal driver
Place of origin : Shenzhen, China
Category : grow light
Size : 2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft 8ft
Price Terms : EXW / FOB
Minimum Order : 1PCS
Brand Name : FY Lighting
Package : Carton package
Payment Terms : T/T, LC, Western Union
Delivery Time : 7-8 days for sample order; 12-15 days for bulk order

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Full spectrum   

led grow light Full spectrumFull spectrum led grow light

Full spectrum grow lightled grow light

For Indoor, family, greenhouse cultivation, do you encounter

 the following problems?

1. Succulent plants grow leggy, difficult to have bright color.

2. Flowering time late and short ; Flower color is dark.

3. Plant grow slow.

4. Fruit is not Sweet enough.

5.To enlarge profits, you want to sell the fruits of the same period earlier.

6. Common cultivation on of vegetables have high nitrite con

Parmeters Value

OOFD(400-700nm)60.507 μmol/㎡
PPFD infrared(701-780nm)0.5966 μmol/㎡
PPFD red(600-700nm)48.401 μmol/㎡
PPFD green(500-599nm)0.3247 μmol/㎡
PPFD blue(400-399nm)11.784 μmol/㎡
PPED ultraviolet(380-399nm)0.0355 μmol/㎡
YPFD(400-700NM)56.440 μmol/㎡
YPFD(380-780nm)54.460 μmol/㎡
YPFD infrared(701-780nm)0.1129 μmol/㎡
YPFD red(600-700nm)45.440 μmol/㎡
YPFD green(500-599nm) 0.2769 μmol/㎡
YPFD blue(400-499nm)8.6140 μmol/㎡
YPFD ultraviolet(380-399nm)0.0209 μmol/㎡
DLI5.23 mol/㎡
Peak Wavelengh653nm
Dominant wavelengh0nm

Light intensity and photosyntheic rate.

A: At night time, leaves have no photosynthesis, only release 

carbon dioxide and do respiration. 

B: With the increase of light intensity, the photosynthetic rate 

increased accordingly, when reaching a certain light intensity. 

Leaf photosynthetic rate and respiration rate are equal, net 

photosynthetic rate is zero, then the light intensity is called light 

compensation point.

C: In a certain range, the photosynthetic rate increased linearly 

with the increase of light intensity. However, When the light

 intensity reached a certain point, the photosynthetic rate did 

not increase with the increase of light intensity , This phenomenon

 is called light saturation. The light intensity at which point the 

photosynthetic rate begins to reach its maximum is called the 

light saturation point.


grow light application    

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