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Q: Does your company's products have traceability? If so, how is it concrete?


A:The product is traceable

1.From the following product traceability:

(1) Our company uses ERP for Kingdee system, to trace 、search and manage the raw material and products.

(2) Vendor delivery of each batch of material stickers are marked with the manufacturer name, material number, specification model, incoming date, quantity, etc.

(3) Product delivery documents and product identification: traceability based on warehouse-in records,Product outer carton mark.

2.Finished product inspection data: traceability based on production schedule, shipping inspection report.

3.Product process control and process inspection information: traceability based on key process control records, process cards, IPQC inspection records, QC daily statements, the first confirmation form, production schedule / production instructions.

4.Material collection and material inspection materials: traceability based on material requisition, Material issue record, material card, warehouse-in records / storage schedules, IQC incoming inspection report.

5.Procurement Information: traceability based on raw material delivery note, suppliers of materials factory inspection reports, recognition books, samples, purchase orders, BOM, etc.

Engineering control information: traceability based on design specifications, review, verification, confirm information, engineering change application form ECR, engineering change notice ECN.