Q: What is FY standard to judge product quality?
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Q: What is FY standard to judge product quality?


A: Let's take the panel lights as example


(1) Led panel (Including components and accessories) pass many national Certification, like UL,CUL,DLC, CE,ROHS etc.

(2) Dimensions(±0.5MM)

a. The dimensions are measured in accordance with the operating instructions.

b. Special dimensions are measured according to customer’ order requirements.

(3) Exterior

a. Diffusion plate without scratches, impurities and other.

b. Aluminum frame without scratches, bumps, pits, gaps or other faulty.

c. The back of the aluminum plate without scratches, yellow or black color, no gap etc.

d. Screw without leakage, loose, wrong size etc.

e. Well Assembled , no gaps between joints.

f. Shaking Panel lights without sound from inside.

g. The terminals are connected correctly and are not loose.

h. Must Connect Ground wire.

(4) Performance

a. No dead lights, dark lights and so on.

b. No yellow light, uneven light, strange color from led panel side.

c. No snow spots, black spots, impurities When you see the panel.

d. No diffusion plate scratches, black spots, impurities, light guide plate scratches, dark areas, strobe, flashing, light leakage, bright side When turn on or dim led panels.

e. The specifications or parameters strictly based on customer order requirements; color temperature standards based on the United States Energy Star implementation.

(5)surface temperature

a. When doing Panel lamp aging process, the temperature can not exceed basic requirements.

b. The temperature of Frequent operation or contact parts & hand holding parts: the surface temperature of the parts does not exceed 60 degrees, non-metallic surface temperature does not exceed 75 degrees (test conditions, the ambient temperature of 25 degrees).

(6) Package

a. Wrong products or accessories and equipment are not allowed.

b. Inside/ outside package information should be consistent with order requirements;

c. The well-packed product box should pass amplitude 145RPM / 2 hours of transport simulation vibration test; printing logo must clear, no damage of product performance , spare parts, and so on.

d.  The well-packed product box of bulk shipments products can through the test which let the box free fall in the cement ground from 80CM height.

(7) Finished product inspection, IQC test.

Strictly based on GB2828-2003 general inspection level II;

AQL value: CR0, MAJ: 0.65, MIN: 1.5.