Q: What is the product yield of your company? How is it done?
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Q: What is the product yield of your company? How is it done?


A: 1.Our product shipping pass rate is 99.7% (that is, 0.003% of the ship bad rate).

2.Control pass rate of 99.7% from the following aspects.

(1) Incoming aspects of the first material suppliers production capacity, price, quality, delivery review, access to qualified suppliers list, in order to purchase delivery.

(2) IQC strict implementation of the acceptance process and quality inspection standards, each batch of materials for sampling, acceptance of qualified materials posted green stickers can be sent to the production line. Unqualified raw material label red , and sign the "incoming abnormal report" to informed PMC, purchase return processing.

(3) Each order for the first test. The first performance, parameters, appearance, process are qualified and then mass production.

(4) IPQC every 1 hour on the patch group, drive group, assembly group, packaging group process inspection. Static ring, ferrochrome temperature, electric batches of strength, reflow temperature, SMD room temperature, humidity and other equipment / equipment inspection records and supervision.

(5) The patch set of QC inspect the led strip appearance, performance, the whole article light inspection;Driver group QC full inspection for semi-finished products power supply parameters;Assembly group QC to full inspection finished product appearance.

(6) Aging of the product 24 hours.

(7) Integrating sphere QA appearance, packing, delivery, IES sampling;The performance test all inspection.

(8) QC, IPQC, QA will test the data record report, the test process worse than the standard open "quality exception" in a timely manner to inform the relevant personnel analysis and processing, in accordance with the solution rework after the re-inspection of qualified products into the next order or shipping.