Q: What is your QC standard?
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Q: What is your QC standard?


A: 1. Products meet international standards, such as UL, CUL, CE, KC, TUV etc .;

2. Products based on customer contract orders, customer-specific technical requirements, customer recognition of samples, or other information requirements.

3. Based on passed samples, "technical drawings", "count sampling inspection method operating instructions", "incoming inspection specifications" , IQC will do sampling test for every batch of incoming raw materials. Green label means qualified, red label for the unqualified. Once found the unqualified products, IQC will write a unqualified report to PMC and let purchase department return the faulty products to suppliers.

4.  QC, IPQC, QA will do a series of test on production line, which is based on passed samples, "BOM", "operating instructions", "LED inspection standards", "test procedures", packaging instructions and related information, industry standards etc.